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rp8400 i/o performance stats

Marc Lemke
Occasional Visitor

rp8400 i/o performance stats

I understand that cpu's bound to a partition will provide i/o capabilities, and unbound cpu's will not. Can someone provide me with details: How much I/O improvement will I get if the 5th cpu is added bound rather than unbound?
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: rp8400 i/o performance stats


I think you are planning to install vpars on your rp8400 ?!?
It is hard to determine how big the performance improvement will be. You will only measure a higher performance, if one CPU is insufficiant to serve all I/O related tasks on your vpar. An easy way to find out is try & error ;-)
Keep in mind, DMA transaction do not stress CPUs very much. It may be that one bound CPU is sufficiant for your vpar.

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