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rp8400 pci pwer supply


rp8400 pci pwer supply

we have an rp8400 server with three cells.

the pci power supply0 power led is ON green
the pci power supply1 power led is off

does the power led on pci power supply1 should be ON green or no ?

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Re: rp8400 pci pwer supply


the LED should be on, but probably the LED has failed (or the power supply).
Just log on to the MP and check the status:

MP:CM> ps

Hope this helps!

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Jon Steele
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Re: rp8400 pci pwer supply

I believe the led will not turn green untill you power up the pci chassi 1.You do that from the MP.

Michael Steele_2
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Re: rp8400 pci pwer supply

Are the fans on?
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Re: rp8400 pci pwer supply

The PCI power supplies in these servers are each responsible for an IO chassis (the server has two, one for cell 0, the other for cell 1). The power units are not N+1, nor are they considered hot swappable (or even hot pluggable if you go by the book). If you are using IO chassis 1, then you currently have no power to these PCI slots. Now, if you do not have this IO chassis configured, the PCI chassis could simply be deconfigured and powered down on purpose.

As advised, check the status with the PS command at the MP CM level. If your OS is up you can review the nPar config with the # parstatus command.

A quick way to check to see if you need PCI Chassis 1, is to see if you have two core IO boards installed.

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