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rp8400 serial number

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John Kelly_3
Regular Advisor

rp8400 serial number

I have an rp8400 sitting in a remote data-centre with no power to it. Can anyone tell me where exactly the serial number is on it so that I can direct a non-technical staff member to retreive it?


Stan Sieler
Respected Contributor

Re: rp8400 serial number

Pity John didn't provide his answer :)
John Kelly_3
Regular Advisor

Re: rp8400 serial number

Stan, I didn't receive an answer. I obtained the serial number from the data centre records.

However I have re-opened the thread for someone to answer the question for future reference.
John C. Shoemaker
Occasional Advisor

Re: rp8400 serial number

As I recall, there is a plastic panel on the front of the server. This panel has places for four hands, which is two more than I have. Its important the panel is pulled straight off when removed and replaced firmly, but carefully as it is a bit fussy. Once this is removed, you can find the serial number.

I think it might be possible to break this plastic panel. One person I know somehow accidently shut off the server while putting the panel back.

So, my suggestion is to put the serial number and other key info on some sort of sticker on the outside of the cabinet unless your office has some kind of security restriction against it.

By the way, sometimes when HP does an upgrade, they need to change the model information on their stickers or the sliding plastic elements on some of the other models. If this is forgotten it can make later problem determination much more frustrating.

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Re: rp8400 serial number

To find serial number,

To find Machine Identifier

(Assign points if this is useful)

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John Kelly_3
Regular Advisor

Re: rp8400 serial number

The instructions for locating serial number were given.
The response 'getconf MACHINE_SERIAL'
is a handy one to know too.