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rp8420 event dictionary upgrade

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rp8420 event dictionary upgrade


I recently upgraded my rp8420 to the latest fw rev. I only forgot to upgrade the event dictionary. the system is up and working fine.

Is it possible to upgrade the event dictionary without shutting down the system or power cycling it?

the release notes specify:
· Beginning with Version 3.0, there is a new file which contains the Event Dictionary. In earlier versions, the Event Dictionary was only embedded within the MP file. Creating a separate file now allows the Event Dictionary to be updated independently from the MP. This file MUST be installed AFTER all the installed MPs have been updated to A.008.005.
o Update all MPs to A.008.005 and reset.
o Update the Event Dictionary to 1.020 (no reset is required).

Thanks in advance
timmy b.
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Re: rp8420 event dictionary upgrade

Before I say yes, that you can do this without "shutting down the system or power cycling it", I'd like to know where your firmware was, where it is now, and what steps you took in between. I'm only asking this to be sure of what was done and to try to keep from causing you an outage, not to be a pain in the posterior.
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