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run out off Temperature

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run out off Temperature

How can i find out what Temperature has the server inside.
we hav the server rp5470.
I have only found the envd.conf, but there is only the posibilty to say what is to do when the Server has OVERTEMP_EMERG.
Jeff Schussele
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Re: run out off Temperature


Sorry, there's no way to get the actual temp.
You can only determine whether any of the preset temp points has been exceeded.

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Bharat Katkar
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Re: run out off Temperature

I have never seen if there is any utility to get temperature inside the server.
Another work around would to observe i.e. feel the FAN speed of the server. If they make more noise and rotate faster than normal then you should understand that temperature is getting increased slowly and may be you can take some corrective action.

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Patrick Wallek
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Re: run out off Temperature

If you have an OVERTEMP_EMERG then the best thing to do is shut the machine down.

An overtemp problem can severely damage a machine.

There are 3 things I can think of that would cause an overtemp -- 1) One or more of the fans in the machine not functioning correctly 2) Impeded air circulation around the machine and through the rack 3) Not enough air conditioning capacity in the computer room.
Bill Hassell
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Re: run out off Temperature

OVERTEMP_EMERG meas exactly that: the temperature inside the server is so high that it will soon be damaged (and require very costly repairs). If it is not too late, turn off the machine immediately. Then review your computer room ventilation and disaster plans (what happens if the air conditioning stops?) A typical computer room can generate so much heat in a short time that virtually every product in the room can be destroyed. Make sure that there is a failsafe thermostatic breaker in the computer room that stops all electricity to the computer if the room goes above 95 degrees (35 Celsius). You'll save thousand of dollars of equipment.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: run out off Temperature

Hi there.
Pls check /etc/envd.conf.
Here you can set the variables to send you a message and/or shutdown the server, if necessary.
Samples :

/usr/bin/mailx -s OverTemp-Detected-system xyz@mail.com

/usr/bin/mailx -s OverTemp-Detected-reboot-system xyz@mail.com
/usr/sbin/reboot -qh

/usr/bin/mailx -s Fan-fail-detected-system xyz@mail.com

/usr/bin/mailx -s Fan-fail-detected-reboot-system xyz@mail.com
/usr/sbin/reboot -qh

Alexander M. Ermes
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