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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400

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running X-server on HP9000 800/A400

Hello all,

I'm an 18 year old student from Austria. I got a Project from my teacher to run a HP9000 model 800/A400-44 server on HP-UX 11.00 . I have installed some programmes like webmin, samba, bash... . Now I want to install oracle9i. However, when i run ./runInstaller it tooks a moment and than it appears a error. Oracle wants a Display device.
But my server has no graphic card, so I tried to install a x-server. I downloaded and installed the "HP Remote Graphics". I am able to install it, but i can't connect to it. I think the reason is the missing Display ??driver??.

so, now to my question:
How can I install Oracle9i only with the putty terminal?
How can I run a working x-server on my server and HP-UX11.00.

Pleas help me, please

Thanks in advance,

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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400


To have an X-client would seem to be the easiest solution to your problem. There are a few ways to do this:

1. install Linux/Solaris/BSD on a PC (Linux is free).
2. Find a used hp-ux workstation that someone is willing to give you, such as a 712, 715, Cxxx, or Bxxx. There is a 712/60 for under 5 Euro on ebay right now. if you have a 2GB hard drive you would be able to install HP-UX 11.0 on there without much problem.
3. Get another flavor Unix workstation (AIX, or SUN)
4. Install an X-client (like eXceed, or winaXe) on a windows PC. X-clients for windows usually cost a lot of money, so I would try to go the first three routes before I try this.

This assumes the address of the A400 is, and the address of the X-client is

on the X-client open a terminal window.
./runInstaller -display

I have done this on HP-UX workstations with HP-UX servers extensively, but the X window system should be completely cross-platform compatible.

What are the chances...
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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400


I can't use a hp-ux workstation because my project is, to run a server which should be integrated in my shool.

I tried your command but it appears an error:

# ./runInstaller -display
# Initializing Java Virtual Machine from /tmp/OraInstall2005-01-08_05-45-45PM/jre/bin/java. Please wait...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InternalError: Can't connect to X11 window server using '' as the value of the DISPLAY variable.
at sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment.initDisplay(Native Method)
at sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment.(X11GraphicsEnvironment.java:63)
at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.forName(Unknown Source)
at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment(GraphicsEnvironment.java:58)
at java.awt.Window.(Window.java:188)
at java.awt.Frame.(Frame.java:315)
at java.awt.Frame.(Frame.java:262)
at oracle.sysman.oii.oiic.OiicInstaller.main(OiicInstaller.java:593)

My client runs on WinXP. I also turned off my firewall.

I am also able to give you the IP-Address of my server to help me.

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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400

I can't change the server and use a workstation because we have 3 other bigger server. The servers have 1 up to 4 PA-RISC 64-bit CPUS with 440MHz

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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400

Hi Patrick,

You will need to have a X Window System on your windows pc. You can download a free copy of

Link to the users guide is below.


Best regards,
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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400


I started cygwin and run the following commands:

bash-3.00# export DISPLAY=
bash-3.00# xterm&
[1] 2319
bash-3.00# Error: Can't open display:
Error: Couldn't find per display information

[1]+ Exit 1 xterm

As you can see, I got an error-message. How can my problem be solved? Should I install graphic/display drivers? if yes, how and where can i get it?
When I look into SAM under the point Display. Then under the point "c-server configuration" --> Error: No graphics devices found on this system

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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400

You can't install Oracle 9i on this box because Oracle noe demands a graphics display and you have just a simple terminal. As mentioned, you need a computer with a graphics card in order to install Oracle 9. Many sysadmins think this is a poor choice by Oracle for what is essentially a series of install and configuration steps using text. You'll have to find an older version of Oracle to install. Note that most every application program has a set of prerequisite. The vast majority of servers do not have any graphics hardware so HP-UX sysadmins have to locate Xwindow emulators (WRQ Reflection, Hummingbird Exceed, etc) for installation.

You've probably already discovered that you can't see your webmin screens or test your Apache installation on the HP-UX terminal--you have to borrow a PC and use it's graphics capability to run browser. This is an interesting study for your class assignment: Unix has always been a command-line system and only relatively recently added graphics capability. In PC terms, Unix is similar to DOS. Xwindows was just an add-on designed to show pictures and colors. Sadly, many new sysadmins use Xwindows to administer Unix systems where the screens are 100% character-based. In case you've wondered what VT100 really means, here's a starting point: http://vt100.net/vt_history

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400

You CAN install Oracle on this system - you need to have an xwindows client installed on your PC, and be able to see it on the network. The one I use is ReflectionX, but I have got this to work with cygwin also. When you install cygwin from http://x.cygwin.com
make sure that you select the X11 entry from the options list(or xwindows will not be installed). Once that has downloaded and installed, run the program and you should get a unix style prompt in a window. From here, execute the following command:

XWin.exe :0 -query

you should then get a login to the CDE environment for you server, and from there you can run the oracle installer

good luck
Iain Ashley
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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400

In order to install Oracle. you must install Xwindows Client ( such as Exceed-Humming Bird, Xmanager...) to connect to CDE (Graphic Windows.)
Firstly, You must install X client tool,
then connedt to server and run install script
HP is simple
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Re: running X-server on HP9000 800/A400


thanks a lot to all of you who helped me.

I will try your advices!!
I searched also on the oracle homepage and on other pages. I thought that it couldn't be true that oracle can only be installed on computers with graphicals cards or Xwindows. However, it is possible to install it without graphical help. You only need to run the installation in "silent" mode. That means that you use a "response file" that specifies all required information. None of the Installer screens are displayed. I haven't tried that option because the file has a lot of pages, but i will do it soon.

If it works, I will tell it to you!!

thanks a lot again to all of you!!

Sincerely yours,