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setting graphics path on RP2450

Russ Schaefer
Occasional Advisor

setting graphics path on RP2450

we are trying to install a 2D graphics card and dual USB (both pci) on an RP2450 but I can't seem to set the correct path.

how do I go from GSP promt to set path to pci slot graphics card is in???

thanks in advance,
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: setting graphics path on RP2450

Shalom Russ,

If the card is not supported, (http://partsurfer.hp.com) get it out of the system.

If its not claimed it may be in the wrong slot.

Steven E Protter
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Russ Schaefer
Occasional Advisor

Re: setting graphics path on RP2450

according to this link, the A6150 cards are supported in the 2450???

don't you have to tell it which path to use?

can't remeber! LOL

Honored Contributor

Re: setting graphics path on RP2450

There is no way to define the h/w path of a card in GSP. H/w path are defined through system firmware automatically when a supported card is detected.

The same link of A6150 which you have posted has a mention of

Supported platform: rp2400 series and rp5400 series servers
Graphics card supported only in dedicated PCI slots (non-shared)
USB card supported in all slots

However as per the rp24xx hardware manual at
http://docs.hp.com/en/2411/rp24xx_customer.pdf , you need to install the 2D graphics card in PCI slot 1 and you can install USB card in any slot.

Honored Contributor

Re: setting graphics path on RP2450

On the page

it says:
"The graphics card is not supported with 3-D graphics libraries or as a boot or system console."

Setting the console path would be required only to get the graphics card work as a boot console - and these systems won't support a graphical console.

The graphics card will start working only after the OS has been loaded. The boot firmware of these servers absolutely cannot display anything using the graphics card.

If you need to access the PDC prompt, go to the single user mode or log in from the console, these tasks MUST be done using one of the connections provided by the Guardian Service Processor.

Even though the rp series can be made to act as workstations, they are fundamentally designed to be servers. This is one of the consequences of that.