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sudo problem..

Frequent Advisor

sudo problem..

Hi all,
I have given the following entry in the visudo file.

# %users localhost=/sbin/shutdown -h now

But still it's asking for the passwd.
what is the problem.is this entry wrong?.

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: sudo problem..

Here's a link to visudo and I've pasted in some trouble shooting tips:


sudoers file busy, try again later.

Someone else is currently editing the sudoers file.

/etc/sudoers.tmp: Permission denied

You didn't run visudo as root.

Can't find you in the passwd database

Your userid does not appear in the system passwd file.

Warning: undeclared Alias referenced near ...

Either you are using a {User,Runas,Host,Cmnd}_Alias before defining it or you have a user or hostname listed that consists solely of uppercase letters, digits, and the underscore ('_') character. If the latter, you can ignore the warnings (sudo will not complain). In -s (strict) mode these are errors, not warnings.

Warning: runas_default set after old value is in use ...

You have a runas_default Defaults setting listed in the sudoers file after its value has already been used. This means that entries prior to the runas_default setting will match based on the default value of runas_default (root) whereas entries after the runas_default setting will match based on the new value. This is usually unintentional and in most cases the setting should be placed before any Runas_Alias or User specifications. In -s (strict) mode this is an error, not a warning.
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Kurt Boyack
Occasional Advisor

Re: sudo problem..

Try removing the "#".

Also, you can use /etc/shutdown.allow to specify users who are allowed to shutdown the system.