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superdome basics

Rasheed Tamton
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superdome basics

We are about to get our first superdome (looks like we are too late!!). It is already here and HP is deploying it. I will have a small chatting session with HP for about an hour reg. its administration.

As I do not have much info reg. it (except a sales presentation two years back), what should be the basic questions I should ask the HP guys in order for me to start doing the administration. Please advise.

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Re: superdome basics

Hi rasheed,
Hi Rasheed,

There are a lot before you get in to an individual administration.

1.)You can go through the architecture.

2.)partitioning fundas ( If you are already o with nPAR and vPARs fare enough).

Else there are a lot of good documentation available on hp website.

I am not able to upload the docs via ITRC. Can help u by giving some links to that.

just go through the following.Will help you a lot.

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Re: superdome basics

SuperDome is E.A.S.Y!

Just familarize yourself with the commands on the MP/GSP level -- most commands should be self explanatory -- if you're a UNIX vet - then you should understand quickly.

Next, get hands on time to actually do several gyrations of blowing away all the NPartitions and starting from scratch -- ie. starting a Genesis Partition and creating the other partitions.

ANd finally, give yerself time and study/have the following document on hand while yer doing your hands on:


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Re: superdome basics

Rasheed Tamton
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Re: superdome basics

Too old - closing.

Rasheed Tamton.