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superdome replacement user guide

stephen peng
Valued Contributor

superdome replacement user guide

dear all,
i need to replace a superdome's backplane power board, but i don't have such experience, can you present me some hints or some guide?
thanks a lot

Jaime Bolanos Rojas.
Honored Contributor

Re: superdome replacement user guide

Hi Stephen,

This doc should do it for you:



Work hard when the need comes out.
stephen peng
Valued Contributor

Re: superdome replacement user guide

there is no recommandation about replacing HBPB in that document. after all, thank you for your reply.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: superdome replacement user guide

If it's a superdome, I would hope that you have a hardware maintenance contract on it. If you do, then this is really something that HP should be doing.
Honored Contributor

Re: superdome replacement user guide

This should be done by HP CE or HP ASP personnel.

There should be atleast 2 HBPBs installed which works on load-balancing mode. They are hot-swappable.

I have seen the HP CE doing this job.For replacing the HBPB, you need to
1. Open the rear cabinet door and remove the EMI panel.
You would see the HBPBs and you can identify the faulty one with LED indication off
2. Loosen the 2 thumbscrews on the board
3. Grasp the handle of the board and pull it carefully.
4. Replace the board with new one and tighten the screws.
Honored Contributor

Re: superdome replacement user guide

Hi Stephen,

I would not suggest replacing the Backplane all by yourself. God forbidden something should happen HP would not take any responsibility... Check the replacement procedure for your information..

Shut down the server:
From the Command Menu, enter pe.
Enter the number of the cabinet to power off.
When prompted for the state of the cabinet power, enter off.

Turn off the AC breakers on the PDCA(s) at the back of the each cabinet.
Remove the power plug from the power source.
Put on an electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap to avoid damaging any circuitry.


A backplane contains a maximum of three Backplane Power Boards (HBPB) that are located on the opposite side from the cell boards.
The HBPB supplies are N+1 (N = 2) redundant for +1.8 VDC power and N+2 (N = 1) redundant for +3.3 VDC power.
Each HBPB contains a DC-to-DC converter for each of these voltages.
These converters support current sharing with the other HBPBs in the system.

The HBPBs are accessible from the rear of the cabinet and are hot swappable.

Backplane power board removal :
Open the rear cabinet door.
Remove the rear EMI panel.
Locate the backplane power board on the back of the system backplane.
Loosen the two T-20 retaining screws.
Remove the power board by grasping the handle and pulling the power board from the backplane.

Backplane power board replacement:
Position and install the power board into the back of the system backplane.
Tighten the two T-20 screws.
Replace the rear EMI panel.
Close the rear cabinet door.

Best Regards,