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Sreejith Kaliyam
Regular Advisor



Can some body tell me , how to analyse tombstones logs. I have a ts99 log with me.if some body can analyse , pls do it for me or let me know ,wich software we can use for analysing.

Thanks and regards

Sreejith K
Honored Contributor

Re: tommbstones

I do not know how to analyse the tombstone log but will suggest you read this thread.

Sivakumar TS
Honored Contributor

Re: tommbstones

Hi Sreejith,

You can open the ts99 file in vi and TRY to find some suspected parts,

but there are tools available to analyse the ts99 files but its ALL - HP INTERNEL and we cant get it outside.


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Chauhan Amit
Respected Contributor

Re: tommbstones

Hi Sreejith,

Only HP has tools to analyse tombstones logs which are not provided to customers.

Only thing you can check is the time-stamp for each processor , If any of that is valid that means there is a hardware issue with the server or HPMC has occured which has rebooted the system.

I checked your file , here is the tim-stamp

Timestamp = Sat May 27 12:26:12 GMT 2006

Above meanc HPMC occured on May 27 which is a valid one. So you need to log a case with HP to know the cause of the same. Another clue you can get from the "/etc/shutdownlog"
But one thing is sure that some H/W part is faulty.

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Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: tommbstones

Hi Sreejith,

ts99 files will be created when any HPMC occurance. There are decoding tools available with HP to decode this HPMC. but tools will vary depends on the model of H/W.

I don't think external tools are available to decode this files.

To get a clear picture of the faulty hardware you need to use that tool only.
Best wishes,

Dan Yeatman

Re: tommbstones

ts99 files are HW specific, as mentioned earlier here you can check the timestamp. The timestamp on your file looks valid.

Looking at your PDC, this is an L class?

Other basic checks are for CPUs that DO NOT report. Looks like you have 4 cpus and they all reported.

Scanning your ts99, it appears to be initiated by a Fatal Error (fe), in the IO subsystem.

Do you have this patch or its successor installed?


Trusted Contributor

Re: tommbstones


I think HP has to read the tombstone files.
There are decoding tools available with HP to decode this HPMC.