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turn off cells in rp8420 server?

Alex Georgiev
Regular Advisor

turn off cells in rp8420 server?

I have an rp8420 with 2 cells in a single partition. I'm running HP-UX 11.23.

I have some upcoming memory replacement in one of the two cells, and my procedure has always been to completely shut down the OS.

I keep hearing from the HP CE, and also from pre-sales engineers at my VAR that "it is possible to do the replacement online". Supposedly you can dynamically shutdown one cell, while leaving the OS running on the other cell.

Unfortunately nobody can give me details! I did my research and I can't find any document or man page that says this is possible with HP-UX 11.23 (it is in 11.31!).

Can anyone please clear my confusion, and either dispel the myth, or point me to the right document?

Mridul Shrivastava
Honored Contributor

Re: turn off cells in rp8420 server?

Since this is a single partition so memory addition can not be done online since that cell has to be powered off so the partition which contains the cell board has to be shutdown. There are things which can be done online, please refer the following links for details:


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Don Morris_1
Honored Contributor

Re: turn off cells in rp8420 server?

Your research is correct -- 11.31 can do Cell OLD (11.31.0709 to be precise -- the Dynamic nPartitions product), 11.23 most certainly can not. You'll have to shutdown the partition to replace the memory in the cell in question.
Occasional Advisor

Re: turn off cells in rp8420 server?

you can power off a uniq cell by MP command:
But !!!! you should shutdown the Npar'os first! So you plan can not action online:(
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