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Re: unconfiguring a cell in a SD partition

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unconfiguring a cell in a SD partition


I want to unconfigure one non-core cell in a SD partition. I never (un)configured a SD partition.
I need to unconfigure the choosen cell in that SD partition and reboot to apply the new configuration (shutdown -R).

I guess the command might be

parmodify -p 6 -c 1/7 # partition 6 cabinet 1 cell 2
shutdown -R 0

are these commands right?

Thanx in advance

P.D: I cannot find a similar example in manuals.
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Re: unconfiguring a cell in a SD partition

From the guide:

Assigning and Unassigning Cells
To assign (add) or unassign (remove) cells from an nPartition use the parmodify -p#
-a#... command to add a cell, or the parmodify -p# -d#... command to remove a
cell from the specified nPartition (-p#, where # is the partition number). From Partition
Manager select the nPartition, use the nPartitionâ Modify nPartition action, and select the
Add/Remove Cells tab.
Also see â Assigning (Adding) Cells to an nPartitionâ (page 185) and see â Unassigning
(Removing) Cells from an nPartitionâ (page 188).

Hope this helps!

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Re: unconfiguring a cell in a SD partition

hi u can do this in lot many ways.

shutdown the partition, go too the BCH of that partition and do the command from the BCH as
BCH>cellconfig OFF

that is forst command shall deconfig the cell and that cell will not be used at the next boot and the second one shall reboot the ptn for reconfig.

the other way is to do when the ptn is up and running to do using the parmodify command

#parmodify -p 6 -m 1/7::n:
#parstatus -p 6

this should show now that the cell shall not be used on the next reboot.

this will tell the Ptn that the cell is not to be used on the next reboot.

then normally reboot the ptn
#partstatus -w
this should show 6.
that is login to the ptn normally
#shutdown -ry 00
then let the ptn boot and if u want to permannently remove the cell from the Ptn 6 then sfter it boots as a result of the last step do the following

#parmodify -p 6 -d 1/7:::

hope that is helpful.

if u want to permanently remove from a running napr 6.

#parmodify -p 6 -d 1/7::: -B

then do an RFR
#shutdown -R 00
this shall remove the cell and do RFR to the ptn 6 so that on boot that cell is removed form the Partition.

refer to the man pages of teh command
parmodify (1M) fpr more details.