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Re: upgrade L1000 to L2000

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upgrade L1000 to L2000

Hi there
We have L1000 server bought Two year ago from HP, Still in warranty. I need to upgrade my L1000 to L2000 with Two-550MHz CPU. Can some body suggest me how I should proceed with that, what hardware I need to buy for that? Our var told me I need to buy Back plane (A5191B), Two 550MHz CPU to upgrade. If I change that do I need to reinstall my operating system again? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: upgrade L1000 to L2000

What CPUs do you have now?

The L1000 to L2000 is a backplane swap as stated. if you want your system to continue to be under support/warranty, then you'll need to have HP upgrade the system.

The L1000 & L2000 use the same CPUs, so if you already have 540MHz CPUs, then you don't need new CPUs.

You shouldn't have to reinstall your O/S, but you never know, you may have some weird problems after the upgrade. DEFINITELY DO A IGNITE TAPE AND FULL BACKUP BEFORE THE UPGRADE! (as i'm sure you already plan to do.)

Also, A cheaper alternative may be to upgrade and just buy 2 more CPUs of the same speed you already have (as the L2000 can go to 4-way)

Finally, The link to the upgrade guide for the L-class:


(Just in case you want to do it yourself)

What are the chances...
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Re: upgrade L1000 to L2000

It might be cheaper to buy an L2000 from an HP certified third-party, and use Ignite to recover the system to it. You can get the L2000's pretty cheap now.
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