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v2500 memory problems

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Chris Fadrowski
Super Advisor

v2500 memory problems

V2500, running hpux 11.0

i had a memory failure a yesterday. I procured more memory and went to swap it out. I did a dcm 0 on the vclass workstation and it comes back with

Q2B0 m/-m
Q2B1 m/-m
Q2B2 m/*-m
Q2B3 m/-m

on MB4L.. you would think that Q2B2 was the culprit. I actually replaced all of them and it was still failed. I then swapped the memory carriers to different locations but it still comes back with the same DIMM's as failed.. (Q2B2)Any ideas here? is there any way to software reconfigure the memory on the Vclass?

i think this determines that the memory is not bad and either is the carrier. Any ideas?
Florian Heigl (new acc)
Honored Contributor

Re: v2500 memory problems

I have NO experience on V-Class systems, but I'd still say it much sounds like You're right.

If possible, cross-test by moving the memories from Q2B2 to another slot and see if the error follows them.

Last time I had such a problem was on a RS/6000 where 12-14 memory modules would be deconfigured (leaving 2 on the carrier still working) until I replaced the carrier against a newer revision.
yesterday I stood at the edge. Today I'm one step ahead.
Brad Baron
Frequent Advisor

Re: v2500 memory problems

With the server stopped at the BCH (boot menu), run "xconfig" on the test station and select the memory board you replaced the dimm on. Change the red ones to white and close the window. Then click "replace" (I think it is replace) then say yes to clear NVRAM and reboot or do_reset from test station. xconfig must be run every time a dimm gets hardware deconfigured.

Good luck!