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Re: vPar CPU allocation

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Barry Sollitt

vPar CPU allocation


I have read on a whitepaper that it is possible to reallocate CPU resources between vPars in 11i without taking down either partition.

Has anyone had experience in doing this without downtime, and would it be as simple as creating a script to move these resources during peak times.

Please advise.
"I'm the Man"
gil paz_2

Re: vPar CPU allocation

If you have 2 vPar:
vPar1 with 3 cpu's and vPar2 with 4 cpu's
you can move online cpu from vPar2 to vPar1.
1.vparmodify -p vPar2 -d cpu::1
2.vparmodify -p vPar1 -a cpu::1
Now you can check with top.
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: vPar CPU allocation

Hi Barry,

It all depends on whether the CPU(s) are bound or unbound. If they're bound to a specific vPar they cannot be moved from that vPar. If they are unbound they can be moved in or out of the vPars dynamically & w/o having to down any vPar.

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Honored Contributor

Re: vPar CPU allocation

For the greatest of flexibility, we set the minimum number of "bound CPU's" (usually 1 or 2) and set the maximum to whatever the nPar (or server) allows. This allows for online movement of CPU which I have to correct the previous poster, the right command is:

vparmodify -p vparname -m cpu::......

The previous poster's syntax only applies when the vPars are down. Memory - you cannot yet dynamically allocate between vpars.

I suggest you get an on-line course on vPars or spend time on a system and follow the manuals/guide -- which should be easy to follow...

Hakuna Matata.
Barry Sollitt

Re: vPar CPU allocation

Thanks to everyone for their help.
"I'm the Man"