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How to find the version of vxfs installed on HP-UX.
# swlist -l product |grep -i vxfs
The above command displays that the vxfs is installed. But it does not show the version.

Any ideas? thanks in advance

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Re: vxfs

HP-UX 11.0 uses layout version 3.
HP-UX 11.11 uses layout version 4.

See the man page for mkfs_vxfs.
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Re: vxfs

Do :
#fstyp -v /dev/VG_NAME/LV_NAME .

It will tell you the version of vxfs used .
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Re: vxfs


Use the fstyp command as follows:

# fstyp -v /dev/vgHDStools/tools
version: 4
f_bsize: 8192
f_frsize: 1024
f_blocks: 212992
f_bfree: 211835
f_bavail: 198596
f_files: 52988
f_ffree: 52956
f_favail: 52956
f_fsid: 1073807366
f_basetype: vxfs
f_namemax: 254
f_magic: a501fcf5
f_featurebits: 0
f_flag: 0
f_fsindex: 7
f_size: 212992

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Re: vxfs

You can always use the -v option for bdfmegs (attached). The script shows how to find version, largefile setting, block/frag size, etc.

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Re: vxfs

If you were asking for VxFS software version - then "swlist -l product|grep -i vxfs" will do the trick. For which there will be 2 versions for HPUX -- 3.3 (which is the same as JFS/Online JFS) and 3.5 which is the update (and the same version if you will buy the true Veritas Product). Take note that VxFS 3.5 (available since 10/02) will only support VxFS Layout Version 4.0. VxFS/OjFS 3.3 can support Filesystem Layout 2,3 and 4.

And yes "fstyp -v ..." will show you the Filesystem Layout Version.
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