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Gen8 Servers : "hpasmcli show powermeter" not working


Gen8 Servers : "hpasmcli show powermeter" not working

On Gen8 Servers (tested on a bl460c gen8) the "hpasmcli show powermeter" command, that was previously used to display current server power draw, no longer works, always displaying 0 watts:


root@hchhyt001:~ # dmidecode |grep "Product Name"
        Product Name: ProLiant BL460c Gen8

hpasmcli> show powermeter
Power Meter #1
        Power Reading  : 0

Any ideas how to obtain the power draw from the OS command line on these servers ?



Re: Gen8 Servers : "hpasmcli show powermeter" not working

Hi,  I was not aware that this HPASMCLI command was not working any longer. WOuld you mind checking this up with HP support? As sanity test please install a demo or test license on the iLO (www.hp.com/go/iLO/ ) Get a Free
Trial License
 and re-test? If its still failing then maybe good to have a formal HP support case raised on this matter.
What you can do of course as well easily in LINUX is execute an hponcfg command to read out via XML script these settings of iLO.

(I am an HP Employee and CI Ambassador)