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HP Agents for ESXi 5.0

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HP Agents for ESXi 5.0

Question on management agents for vSphere 5.0 from Todd:




I don’t see any HP Management Agents out there for ESXi 5.0. Only things I’m finding are the offline bundles w/ CIM but nothing w/ SMH etc.





I’ve loaded the offline bundle for ESXi 5.0 and updated FW via SPP (offline) but I also want to install the HP Management Agents (SMH/SNMP)




Some input:




From Lee:

I am no expert on this but as far as I know, ESXi 4 or 5 does not support SMH or SNMP agents.   The only agents are the WBEM agents supplied by HP.For the ESXi servers, you should set the WBEM credentials in the Discovery configuration.   As long as you are using a root equivalent account, you should be able to identify the system.


From Mike:

Here is a screenshot of ESXi 5 with HP’s WBEM provider – make sure the ESXi 5 firewall open the ports.






Any other comments?


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Re: HP Agents for ESXi 5.0

Additional input from Yaipha:




HP VMware ESXi does not provide support for the System Management Homepage (SMH). In place of SMH, HP SIM should be used to view management information for ProLiant servers running ESXi.  Please refer to these procedures to  subscribe to WBEM events . HP VMware ESXi management environment