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HP OA firmware - bios question

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HP OA firmware - bios question

I know HP lists supported bios\firmware versions. What would be the result of updating the OA firmware if there is a server with an out of date bios? Will it blue screen or is just a case were some features will be unavailable? We have a server that is near impossible to schedule downtime for, but we want to update the firmware in order to add G7 blades.

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Re: HP OA firmware - bios question

Such combination is probably not tested, so you maybe run an unsupported configuration then.

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Re: HP OA firmware - bios question

It could be said that if the server is working fine currently, then there should be no disruption in its functioning when OA firmware is updated. Updates do not remove support to existing servers installed.


However, having said that, the ability of the server BIOS to better interact with other servers and interconnect is also determined by the BIOS revision installed and the firmware of OA.


The server blade’s driver download page may be visited, choosing the server’s BIOS download page and the tab “Revision History” be reviewed for any critical fixes in BIOS updates to understand if the current version of BIOS has a fix for those critical fixes or not.






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Re: HP OA firmware - bios question

Thanks for the replies.