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Onboard Administrator (OA) Hardware version mismatch issue

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Onboard Administrator (OA) Hardware version mismatch issue

Olaf was looking to help a customer:




A customer bought several c7000 with just one OA installed in each enclosure. Now, a few month later, the customer purchased redundant OAs for all their enclosures. The installed them into the enclosures and ended up with not being able to synchronize the firmware between the 2 OAs, because of different hardware version of the OAs! Whenever the customer hits the button “Synchronize firmware”, the get the error message “The Active and Standby Onboard Administrators are not the same hardware build”! The original OAs are hardware version B1 and the newly added B3.

Can anybody explain a procedure to synchronize the firmware between the 2 OAs, without bringing down the whole enclosure?




Monty replied:




As described in the OA User Guide – if you have different OA hardware versions you simply need to update the active OA firmware to the version that you want to synchronize.


In your example below – updating the firmware for OA1 using GUI, CLI or LCD with USB key containing the OA firmware will update both OA to that firmware version.


The OA flash containing the firmware is not large enough to store the entire downloadable OA firmware update image.  If the two OA modules are identical hardware versions, the OA firmware sync feature creates an OA firmware image for the other OA.  With mismatched OA hardware, the active OA does not have the required hardware drivers and other files to create the correct firmware image.  The OA firmware file in the SPP or downloadable from the web supports all the current shipping OA hardware for both c7000 and c3000 enclosures.


Hope that helps,




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Re: Onboard Administrator (OA) Hardware version mismatch issue



I had the same issue, to resolve I just went through the usual firmware OA update process.

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Re: Onboard Administrator (OA) Hardware version mismatch issue

I'm having this issue "FWSync: Sync failed because the Active and Standby OAs do not have the same hardware version."


Do I have to update to the latest fw on the Active OA in order to solve this?


Active OA     hw B1 fw 4.01

Standby OA hw A1 fw 3.60