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Onboard Administrator (OA) USB connect question

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Onboard Administrator (OA) USB connect question

James was working with a customer:




I have a large storage customer asking me the following question:


We've been using the thumb drives connecting to OnBoard Administrator.  I know when we started using them we formatted them as FAT32, I'm wondering if you know of another format we can use.  With 2012 R2 going over 4 GB, it is not working.


Can anyone answer this with authority?  And does this answer vary depending on the OA firmware level and Generations of the enclosure and/or blades installed?


Forgot to state:  They are using the OA USB connection to load OS images onto BOOT FROM SAN vdisks being served up from an EVA P6550.




Reply from Chad:




You can use EXT2 or EXT3 though I haven’t had success with EXT2 and anything larger than 4 GB (even though it should go up to 16GB) with the OA


Do to this on a Windows laptop, use EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition and Ext2FSD driver from Sourceforge then you can drag and drop within Windows.




Input from Dan:




The OA only supports EXT2 or EXT3 for larger file sizes.




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