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When updating GEN8 with SPP 2013.02 - I lose NIC Teaming

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When updating GEN8 with SPP 2013.02 - I lose NIC Teaming

Question from Philippe:




We have updated some DL380P Gen 8 installed with Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with the last version of SPP 2013.02 and we have lost teaming configuration


Does anyone have already encounter that ?


I saw in the exchange on PDL that has already been seen under some G7 with BIOS and ACPI enumeration.


Thanks for all information you can provide.




Reply from Dave:




Yes my customer has had Teaming break on non Gen8 servers.

The fix was to the set the Teaming configuration to Automatic (recommended) and make sure Transmit and Receive Path Validation are enabled.

Another issue I’ve heard is having RSS enabled on the teamed adapters. If they are enabled you could disable RSS before doing the updates and then re-enable afterwards. This article describes this.



I hope this helps,




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