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Mixing 1Gb and 10GbE passthrus in adjacent bays, and etc

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Mixing 1Gb and 10GbE passthrus in adjacent bays, and etc

A configuration question from Scott:




I don’t want to start a dissertation about the sanity of the following, just need to know if it is technically supportable J


Customer wants to put a 1 Gb passthru module in IC bay 3, and a 10 GbE passthru in IC bay 4.  From the server standpoint, there will presumably be some kind of dual port 10 GbE NIC.


Note, they do A-side and B-side redundancy through IC bays 1 & 3.  IC bay 4 needs no redundancy, hence the bizarre set-up.


Question 1: Given that bays 3 and 4 have nothing to do with each other from an HA point of view, any problem with mixing pass-thru interconnects horizontally?


Question 2: Will the blade servers with 10 GbE dual port mezz card appropriately connect at 1 Gb on one port and 10 GbE on the other? 




Reply from Monty:




I see no problem with that mix from an OA standpoint – both Pass-thru modules are Ethernet.




And input from Hoa:




The only issue you should be aware is that it can take up to 7 minutes to upgrade 10G Pass-Thru FW vs. less than a minute for 1G Pass-Thru.     The 10G can auto-baud between 10/1G but not the 1G module.




Other comments or questions?

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Re: Mixing 1Gb and 10GbE passthrus in adjacent bays, and etc

Good catch by Richard:





Not sure for all 10Gb options but be aware of the limitation with the Emulex based 554 nic


From quickspecs


NOTE: Each port is autosensing 1Gb/10Gb, and can interoperate with 1Gb or 10Gb HP BladeSystem c-Class interconnect components. Both ports will operate at the same speed.