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BL460c Gen8 and RHEL 6.3 certification (DL380p?)

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BL460c Gen8 and RHEL 6.3 certification (DL380p?)

Theodore had a Red Hat certification question:




RED HAT 6.3 certification status  and BL460cGen8  don’t look clear to me.


HP.COM et REDHAT.COM  say only RHEL 6.1 is certified .


But SPP 06,08 and 10 claim they have the RHEL 6.3 drivers included.

Is the Emulex CNA driver itself certified for RHEL 6.3 ? 


What is the real status of the  BL460cGen8 certification and BL460cGen8 ?

Do the web sites will be updated for 6.3 release and when ?




Gwen replied:




RH 6.3 is certified on the BL460c Gen8. We are not required to rerun the certification on update releases. Update 1 is the minimum supported version for RH6, all subsequent update releases are covered by this certification.




Samy also replied:




Yes it is:


This is where our Matrices miss a little information, but with SPP release notes you can derive the information you need.


We mention supporting RedHat 6, but not the flavours of RHEL6 in the os Matrices.




This is where our Matrices miss a little information, we only specify RHEL6.


SPP release notes:  http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib2/software1/doc/p1822529277/v83518/SPP2012.10.0rev1ReleaseNotes.pdf

From this web site:  http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/service_packs/documentation/index.html


Page 13 (supported OS) and 14 (additional information SPP for Linux).