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Cisco c3020 cross connect ports 23 and 24 mapping?

Occasional Contributor

Cisco c3020 cross connect ports 23 and 24 mapping?

Hi Community!


After so many years of working with HP Blade technologies I got a simple question from colleague that I can not answer. My friend's customer has two c3020 switches in adjacent interconnect bays in c7000 chassis and they configured ports 23 and 24 for interconnects communications. What ports are physically interconnected internally between switches?


Is it 23-to-23 and 24-to-24, or 23-to-24 and 24-to-23?


I could not find the answer in the docs, and I have none c3020 in my company to check on the switches themselves.


Thanks in advance and sorry for my Tarzan English.


Miso Vranes

HP Partner Tech support