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DDR3 memory configurations for Nehalem-based blades

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DDR3 memory configurations for Nehalem-based blades

Here is a great white paper on the whole DDR3 memory subsystem and best practices for blade or other ProLiant servers that use Intel Nehalem-based processors.


Please see this whitepaper.


DDR3 Configuration Recommendations for HP ProLiant G6 Servers


Alan Devlin

Re: DDR3 memory configurations for Nehalem-based blades

Indeed this is a great paper and I use it often. I have a 2nd edition (July 2009) but I can't find any public link for it (at least on hp.com). I got my copy from a colleague and I will mirror it to a dropbox
Does anyone know where it's possible to find a HP link for this so I can send to our partners without using attachments or third-party mirrors?
Also it would be great if there a 3rd edition out there :)