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HP bl460c time synchronization

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HP bl460c time synchronization


I need to configure time synchronization on the blade servers.
Now is the time in OA differs from time to blade servers.
It is necessary so that in the IML log was written right time, and it is taken from the blade server.


How to configure time synchronization with the NTP server?

Or on the blade server, you can only manually set the BIOS time.

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Re: HP bl460c time synchronization

On HP C-class blades, the clocks on each blade are independent of the OA clock. Configuring NTP time synchronization for the blades is no different from configuring NTP time synchronization on a stand-alone server. The exact procedure depends on the operating system you're using on your blade servers.


The OA has its own time synchronization settings that can be used to make sure the OA clock has correct time. If a NTP server is reachable via the OA network interface, you can configure the OA to sync its clock to that NTP server.


Other manufacturers' blade servers may have different approaches. For example, Fujitsu Primergy BX900 series blades will sync to the chassis clock by default, but this auto-sync feature can be switched off in the blade BIOS.

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Re: HP bl460c time synchronization