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Installing HP-UX 11.31 on a BL890c i2

Trusted Contributor

Installing HP-UX 11.31 on a BL890c i2

Osvaldo was looking for some advice:






I’m trying to install hp-ux 11.31 sept/2010 on a couple of BL890c i2, but when in the hp-ux install menu, the “Up Arrow” key refuses to work.


Things I’ve tried:

  • Monitor and keyboard attached to the SUV connector/port
  • Web session thru the OA interface
  • Web session thru the iLO interface
  • Diff options/terminal emulations from the Remote Console interface (inside the OA/iLO interface)
  • Directly connected to the iLO interface (IP) using Reflection and Putty
  • Check the “up arrow” key on my laptop is actually working (just in case you were thinking of that J )


Things I will try today:

  • Play around with diff terminal emulation setting using putty and reflection
  • Directly connected to the blade using a serial cable attached to the SUV connector/port
  • Use a diff computer
  • Connect to a production hp-ux server inside one of the c700 enclosures, then use a similar menu (swinstall, smh), and check the key is working


By the way, the blades are install in diff c700 enclosures.


Any idea/suggestion will be highly appreciated.




Eirik replied:




I always use the ”virtual serial port” option from the OA-iLO menu, works like a charm on 860\870 at least.




Dennis also provided some input:






When you are navigating in the HP-UX Installation tool use TAB to step forward through the menus, don’t try and go backwards with up-arrow.

This is a bit laborious but prevents you from corrupting the formatting of the installation tool.




Any other suggestions or comments?