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Recommended bios settings on HP BL460c Gen8 for max performance

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Recommended bios settings on HP BL460c Gen8 for max performance

BIOS setting question from Francois:




Looking for best practice, recommended settings on HP BL460c Gen8 blades that need to be changed from the factory default.


We have already changed the power management settings to HP Static High Performance Mode.


Thanks in advance.




Reply from Lawrence:

That’s probably the only BIOS setting that will have a bearing on performance.


What exactly are you trying to improve performance-wise?  Better network, faster disk?  There’s all sorts of things that can be done to increase performance, depending on the area that you are focusing on.  Memory population can also affect performance.


And input from Cristoph:


If you really want to open Pandoras Box. There is a tuning whitepaper, but for normal Datacenter usage I would be care full as long you have no good tool to set and verify these settings online. Keep it simple


Having some Problems with Power settings in SLES and VMWare I found this helpful :


HP Power Profile = Maximum Performance    This tunes the most important Bios Settings in regard to power.

CPC  is something that caused trouble in SLES (Gen8) and VMWare until VMWare turned it off.


And if you find an explanation why SLIT is disabled by default in GEN8, this would be an interesting story







Other comments?



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Re: Recommended bios settings on HP BL460c Gen8 for max performance

thanks for sharing Chuck.


that comes from HP official documentation ?