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Smart Update FW hang on BL460c G7

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Smart Update FW hang on BL460c G7

I am trying to do a firmware update on a BL460c G7 server.  I burned a DVD of the latest Smart Update Firmware (10.10) and I am booting to this dvd and chosing the automated option.   After a minute or two it tells me it is Analyzing the system for unattended installation.  This could take several minutes.  


And there it sits.  I even let it run over night and nothing.  I have tried it several times with no luck.  I used this same dvd to upgrade another one of my blades and it worked just fine.


Any suggestions on how I can update the firmware on this server?

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Re: Smart Update FW hang on BL460c G7

The latest image is SPP 2013.02:




Hope this helps!

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Re: Smart Update FW hang on BL460c G7

Great that did the trick.