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WinPE driver for ProLiant BL460c Gen8

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WinPE driver for ProLiant BL460c Gen8

John was looking for some WinPE drivers:




I have a question from a customer on WinPE 3.0 support on Gen8 servers.


They are having a trouble with BL460 Gen8 Blades as they cannot get their WinPE 3.0 based Boot Media to see the 554FLB NICs and therefore they cannot initiate the SCCM build process.

They did try to “inject” the regular Win2008/2008R2 drivers into the boot media but it made no difference.


Is there any official stance from HP on supporting WinPE3.0 for G8 servers?




Reply from Timur:




Take a look here:





Comments or questions?

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Re: WinPE driver for ProLiant BL460c Gen8

Thanks Timur!  I followed your link to the HP Scripting Toolkit 9.10 and for WinPE 3.0 (x32) got the 554FLB NIC working using the SP54019\x86\drivers\winpe30\nic\be2nd6x\ be2nd6x.inf driver


No idea why the regular W2008x32 drivers on the main BL460c Gen8 download page couldnt be used like in the past.

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Re: WinPE driver for ProLiant BL460c Gen8

Thank you to both Timur and AdamLadd!


This is what I found for WinPE 3.x and BL460c Gen8



     Mass Storage - cp017374

     NIC - sp54019



     Mass Storage - cp020623

     NIC - sp37778 (hpdrivers\winpe21psp800x64) --- works on winpe 3 even though it says winpe21.