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Fibre Channel (FC) SFP+ module choice for FlexFabric module?

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Fibre Channel (FC) SFP+ module choice for FlexFabric module?

Michael had a question on which Fibre Channel SFP+ modules are supported for the VC FlexFabric module:




The  VC connection matrix only references the AJ716A 8Gb SFP+ module for use with FC connections on the FlexFabric module.  The quickspecs and SBW, though, both indicate either the AJ716A or AJ718A can be used. Historically these SFP+ modules have not been interchangeable, to my knowledge. Can anyone comment on what is actually supported and, depending on the answer, the decision criteria for choosing one vs. the other with the FlexFabric module?




Alex provided the info:




VC FlexFabric modules support following FC SFPs


8Gb Optical Transceivers

  HP 8Gb ShortWave B-series FC SFP+                                       AJ716A

  HP 8Gb LongWave B-series 10km FC SFP+ 1 Pack               AJ717A

  HP 8Gb ShortWave FC SFP+                                                        AJ718A

4Gb Optical Transceivers

  HP 4Gb SW B-series FC SFP                                                          AJ715A

  HP 4Gb LW B-series 30km FC SFP 1 Pack                                AN211A

  HP 4Gb SW FC SFP+                                                                        A7446B


No, it doesn’t matter which vendor FC infrastructure is used upstream (Brocade or Cisco) when it comes to FC SFP+ module choice.




Any other input or suggestions for Michael?

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Re: Fibre Channel (FC) SFP+ module choice for FlexFabric module?

Can both the  AJ718A and AJ716A SFP+ modules be used within the same switch?