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SSD to HDD on BL660c Gen8 question.

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SSD to HDD on BL660c Gen8 question.

Annie had a customer question:




Customer asked what’s the supported process to replace the two internal 200GB SSD drives on his BL600c Gen8 to two 450GB HDD. These SSDs are configured RAID 1. I think  if  he takes out the SSD drive from slot 2 and insert the HDD, this will allow the controller to mirror data from SSD drive in slot 1 to HDD in slot 2.  When it is done, he can move the HDD to slot 1, insert the other HDD to slot 2 to repeat the mirroring process. Will the controller work when there are two different drive types presence? Or there is a better method to replace these drives?




Input from Hiro:





You can’t include different type of drives in the same array.




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