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HPE BladeSystem Virtual Connect
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How to copy VLANs from one enclosure to another

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How to copy VLANs from one enclosure to another

We are in the process of adding 30 VLANs in our Flex Fabric Virtual Connect Modules across our 6 enclosures.  


Does the GUI or CLI offer a way to backup the associated networks and import them into another enclosures VC Modules?

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Re: How to copy VLANs from one enclosure to another

I use plink to connect to the VC and use a text file to add the networks.


The text file is pretty simple, I add a network for A and for B - it looks like this for A:

add network-range -quiet Uplinkset=UplinkSet_xxx_A NamePrefix=VLAN_ NameSuffix=_A VLANids=10-13,17 State=Enabled SmartLink=enabled 


Using network-range you can setup all your vNETS with that one line.

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Re: How to copy VLANs from one enclosure to another

Psycho is correct.

Without VCEM, the easiest way to make changes to Multiple VC domains is to Script them going through the SSH interface.
Note: if reading this after Sept 2013, there may be a new product from HP aside from VCEM that can help here.

Plink is a CLI version of putty that allows such scripting to be done fairly easily.

And even if you don't want to use the network-range feature, you can have those 30 or 60 additional VLANs in a single script, assuming every enclosure has identical naming of Shared Uplinks and such, and then either use Plink to push that script out or just SSH to each VC Domain and paste the script in there.