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P2000 storage, 10Gb iSCSI direct connect to VC-FF with 2x c7000s

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P2000 storage, 10Gb iSCSI direct connect to VC-FF with 2x c7000s

Duane had an iSCSI configuration question:




A variation of this question was asked about a year ago, but seeking a sanity check on this – I believe it will work.


Customer has a small environment, but desires failover redundancy with a P2000 10Gb iSCSI array connected direct to (2) c7000 enclosures using VC-FF.   Port 2 used for iSCSI.    Besides the obvious limitations this imposes (ie expandability, etc),  is this legal and HP supported?   Any issues I need to be concerned about  regarding failover?


Last question – if customer were to put 6120XG switches in each enclosure in bays 3&4,  could he connect both VC-FF iSCSI ports and P2000 to them, using the 6120XG’s just as an uplink switch?    He was considering this .vs.  external rack mount switches.




From Lionel:




An iSCSI Storage system directly attach to a VC Domain is possible but requires some attention:


1-     When an iSCSI storage device is directly connected to a VC Domain, this iSCSI device is ONLY accessible to the servers belonging to this Virtual Connect Domain.


2-     iSCSI storage Systems that are sharing the same ports for both iSCSI host connectivity traffic and LAN management (also known as in-band management) can ONLY be managed from the Virtual Connect Domain. Also it makes the configuration of the management server a little bit more complex (requires a server connected to both the iSCSI vnet and datacenter vlan, cannot use NIC teaming, etc.)

(It’s apparently not your case as the  P2000 iSCSI has a dedicated port for management, right?)


3-     The only network interface bond supported on the iSCSI Storage system is Active-Passive.


4-     Only VC Active/Active iSCSI vNet is supported (VC Active/Standy vnet is not)



The use of a 6120XG is possible but not required as you can direct-attached your P2000.


A Direct attached  scenario will be available in the new iSCSI cookbook version (coming soon)




Other comments or suggestions?


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Re: P2000 storage, 10Gb iSCSI direct connect to VC-FF with 2x c7000s

Additional input on this subject:


From Lionel:

The VC Active/Standby scenario would cause communication issues with the iSCSI System due to the NIC bonding, so Active/ Active must be used and yes it provides full redundant connection.


And from Chad:

With iSCSI, you shouldn’t be using NIC bonding but MPIO with your OS. What is the OS that is installed?



Re: P2000 storage, 10Gb iSCSI direct connect to VC-FF with 2x c7000s

Just seen that the HP Virtual Connect with iSCSI Cookbook (4th Edition) covers a direct-attached configuration for the c3000 - 'Scenario 3-C: “Low cost” Direct-attached iSCSI device with a c3000 enclosure'...


Please can you advise if this is supported using a pair of VC Flex10D Modules to allow a higher level of redundancy by remvoing the single point of failure...


I would be interested in deploying it as per the attached diagram...