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Passing double tagged (QinQ) traffic through a VC

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Passing double tagged (QinQ) traffic through a VC

I'm experiencing an issue while trying to pass double tagged through a VC to a blade.


A physical interface on the HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10GB module is receiving double tagged traffic.

A shared uplink set has the network with outer VLAN from the QinQ traffic assigned.

That same network is configured on the server profile assigned to the receiving blade.


End result: the blade doesn't receive any of the double tagged traffic.

If the traffic is only single tagged (outer VLAN from the QinQ traffic), the blade receives that traffic witout issue.


My conclusion is that the VC drops the packets that contain an inner tag.

Is there a way to ignore the inner tag and just pass that traffic within the outer tag regardless of the contents?


Hopefully someone can clarify this for me.

Thanks in advance.