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HPE BladeSystem Virtual Connect
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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and MDS compatibility

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric and MDS compatibility

Joe was having a transceiver compatibility issue:




I have a Cisco MDS 9222i and Virtual Connect FlexFabric v 3.15


The following 2 configs do not log in to the SAN:

Using Cisco SFPs on both sides (MDS and FF)

Using Cisco SFP on MDS and HP AJ718A SFP


We tried with a Brocade switch and it works fine.




Ken replied:




Cisco SFPs at both ends won’t work.  You need an SFP listed in the quickspecs for the Virtual Connect FlexFabric module.

Is NPIV enabled on the MDS?




Comments or other suggestions for Joe? I see that he is using a HP transceiver when he uses the AJ718A module. That should work. The only other thing I would ask is if both tranceivers are  8Gb Short Wave Fibre Channel SFP+ modules and that one is not a Cisco 1Gb SFP module.

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Re: Virtual Connect FlexFabric and MDS compatibility

I am having the same issue.  I have a Cisco MDS9513 running the older DS-X9148 linecard that is capable of 1/2/4 Gbps and am using NX-OS 5.0(4) on the switch.  When I plugin the FlexFabric ports (running FlexFabric 3.15) which are currently using the 4Gbps SFPs (we are waiting for the 8Gbps ones currently) the Cisco switch disables the port due to too many invalid flogi's:

fc6/11 is down (Suspended due to too many invalid flogis)

When I plug the same FlexFabric port into a Brocade DS4100 running FabricOS 6.4.0b, the ports login without issues. 


The Cisco switch has NPIV working and enabled and I have another HP C-Class chassis connecting and running fine that is using the non-flex fabric FC modules. 

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Re: Virtual Connect FlexFabric and MDS compatibility

Did you got this fixed yet? - We are having hte same issue  - Thanks

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Re: Virtual Connect FlexFabric and MDS compatibility

MDS 9124 SAN Switch sees the WWID from Flex Fabric  as 10:01..... and is an invaild WWID and HP has a tool to fix this - HP Engineer needs to come onsite to fix it by programming the flex-fabric. Very few Flex Fabrics are affected by this - Phew!