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BL460 G8 second HBA mezzanine card

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BL460 G8 second HBA mezzanine card

Hello all,  I need help with 3 BL460 G8 blades on a HPC7000, we recently installed a second FC mezznine card for all the 3 blades. everything seems to be ok except that the cards are pointing to Bay 5 and 6. We dont have anything on Bay 6 and on Bay 5 we have a fiber switch.  Is there a way to change the port mapping to use bay 3 and bay 4 instead of bay 5 and bay 6


Please let me know if this is possible and how can I make the changes.



Attached is a port-map screen print for one of the blades.

thank you





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Re: BL460 G8 second HBA mezzanine card

The connections are hard wired, no way to change.

Hope this helps!

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