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Europäische Cloud28+ startet Cloud-Katalog mit 680 Services

Companies and authorities now have access to a central European cloud platform

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced the availability of the Cloud28 + cloud service catalog. The catalog offers European companies and government agencies an easy search for cloud services that meet their business needs. You can also choose the data center location and operator that ensures compliance with local laws and terms and conditions. Cloud28 + is an association of IT service providers, software providers, public institutions and cloud users who want to promote the use of cloud services in Europe.

The Cloud28 + catalog is a central app store for companies and already includes 680 cloud services from 150 Cloud28 + members from the areas of infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service. So far, more than 1000 user organizations have registered in advance for using the catalog.

The new Cloud28 + catalog gives European companies and authorities easy and transparent access to a large number of cloud services from EU providers. You can search for and compare offers according to functional and non-functional criteria - the non-functional criteria include, for example, price, service level agreements or certifications. In addition, Cloud28 + users can publish their own services in the catalog and thus become a cloud provider themselves.

“We developed Zettabox to help European companies build a sustainable future in the cloud. This is only possible if the strict data protection laws in the EU are complied with, ”explains James Kinsella, founder of Zettabox. “Joining Cloud28 + was a logical step for Zettabox. Together we are building a uniform cloud platform from Europeans for Europeans. We are proud to be part of this successful and growing pan-European community. ”

The technical foundation of Cloud28 + is the HPE distribution of the open source software OpenStack. It enables the transfer of cloud services between computer platforms and thus reduces customer dependency on a provider.

"The introduction of the cloud catalog is an important step on the way to a digital European single market," said Xavier Poisson, Vice President for the Hybrid IT business unit at HPE in EMEA. “Cloud services are critical to the growth of the digital economy. Now there is a single source for customers in all 28 EU member states and beyond with hundreds of cloud services that enable them to transform into a hybrid infrastructure. ”

The Cloud28 + catalog comprises a wide range of offers. These include cloud services for accounting, sales, marketing, data and document management, software development and a large number of different infrastructure services. Additional categories and industry solutions are constantly being added.


The Cloud28 + cloud service catalog will be available from December 10th at 2:00 p.m. at http://www.cloud28plus.eu/catalogue .

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