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Hewlett Packard Enterprise bekämpft Cloud-Wildwuchs mit neuem Cloud Service Broker

Cloud management service makes it easier for companies to introduce and control mixed cloud environments and traditional IT

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today presents HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker - a new managed service that enables companies to provide, use, consolidate and operate services from multiple cloud platforms and different providers.

The increasing number of easily accessible cloud applications means that solutions are introduced without authorization. This poses a security risk and can increase IT costs. The HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker gives IT administrators control and an immediate overview of all corporate IT, both private and public clouds as well as traditional IT systems. The service also allows these systems to be orchestrated to improve responsiveness and cost control, and to increase end-user satisfaction.

“Cloud computing promises companies clear advantages in terms of speed, agility and costs. However, these are lost when there is a growth of uncontrolled and uncoordinated cloud instances, ”said Eugene O'Callaghan, Vice President for Enterprise Services Workload and Cloud at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “HPE's new managed service-driven approach brings all of the company's cloud resources together. It gives our customers a unified overview of their IT activities and helps them accelerate innovations in a coordinated, secure and cost-effective way. ”

The HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker supports the HPE Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud, HPE Helion CloudSystem, HPE Helion OpenStack and traditional data center solutions such as VMware technology and numerous cloud solutions from other providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

The services for HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker help customers to build a hybrid infrastructure and include:

- A self-service portal with a direct interface to the respective IT service provider
- Security and performance management
- Financial management and budget control
- Compliance management and audit functions
- Catalog and subscription management
- Subscription lifecycle management
- Entry and management of service requests
- Monitoring tools
- Dashboards and reports

The service was created using a variety of industry leading HPE solutions, including HPE Cloud Orchestration Software, HPE ITSM Automation Software and HPE Operations Bridge Software.

"International companies control hundreds of cloud resources from different vendors, trying to be agile, secure, and cost-effective," said David Diedrich, vice president and chief tech officer of Global IS Technology at Mondelez. "Bringing all resources together in a single window modernizes the lifecycle of cloud use in companies." For

customers who want to build their own cloud service broker, HPE offers the following products and services:

- Cloud Service Broker Advisory and Platform Services are strategic consulting services and include workshops, roadmaps, architecture, design and implementation. They help companies define policies, governance and support to protect their business and get the most out of hybrid IT management.

- HPE Propel is software that combines applications and services from various sources in a modern, personal and intuitive user interface.

- HPE Service Anywhere is a SaaS-based software solution for IT service management and provides end users with appropriate real-time support.

- Support and training for the HPE Cloud Service Broker: HPE offers one-stop support and training for hardware and software from HPE or other providers. In doing so, they support the successful use of IT by end users. In addition, customers can integrate HPE Flexible Capacity to flexibly bill IT in their own data center ("pay as you go").

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