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Hewlett Packard Enterprise beschleunigt All-Flash-Einführung

New converged flash storage, data protection and efficiency

guarantee Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announces expansion of its storage portfolio. New are the HPE 3PAR 20840 Converged Flash Array, the HPE StoreOnce 5500 including multi-node 6600 data backup and the new warranty program "Get Thinner".

Consolidation, cost reduction and better performance can reduce the all-flash data center IT budgets by up to a third while increasing IT agility (1). However, to realize these benefits securely, businesses and service providers need a tier 1 flash memory architecture that supports multiple protocols and comprehensive data protection.

Over the past few years, HPE has reworked the entire Flash-optimized 3PAR storage portfolio, broken numerous industry records and was the only provider to gain market share in eight consecutive quarters (2). The latest addition to the 3PAR family, the HPE 3PAR 20840 storage solution, is the most scalable (3), most powerful (4) flash array on the market. To help companies avoid the risks of infrastructure consolidation, the solution offers secure multi-profile management and tight integration with the fastest and most scalable storage system, the new HPE StoreOnce 6600 (5).

Superior performance and scalability up to 21 PB

The 3PAR StoreServ 20840 scales up to eight control nodes and offers a "6-nines" high availability. It is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to consolidate outdated high-performance storage in order to reduce costs. The system delivers a usable capacity of up to 21 petabytes (6) and up to 3.2 million output commands per second (7). It requires up to 85 percent less space, energy and cooling than conventional storage arrays (8).

As a converged flash array, the solution supports various media and protocols and thus offers the flexibility to consolidate workload and thus save additional costs and space. With the scalable HPE 3PAR File Persona (9) and the new 8TB nearline drives, the 3PAR StoreServ 20840 enables affordable flash-related archive solutions for less active data that run in the flash memory of the same system. This allows space, energy, cooling capacity and administration costs to be reduced.

Application and flash integrated data backup at half the cost

HPE has also announced a new portfolio of the HPE StoreOnce business solution that reduces the risks of all-flash consolidation. The HPE StoreOnce 5500 with multi-node 6600 has been specially tailored to the needs of all-flash data centers and offers easy integration, flexible connectivity, application-centric backups and the option of so-called flat backups directly from the 3PAR memory pull. This smooth integration with 3PAR via the HPE StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central software enables companies to save their data directly from applications such as VMware and Microsoft SQL up to 17 times faster and to restore them five times faster than with conventional backup methods (10).

With a 33 percent increase in backup speed, the new HPE StoreOnce 5500 helps companies meet the strictest recovery times and backup goals even in highly consolidated environments. At the same time, the solution can be scaled up to 864 TB - almost twice the capacity of the next competitor (11).

The scalable HPE StoreOnce 6600 is the fastest and most scalable backup solution designed for large environments (12). With features such as multi-node resistance and the ability to autonomously restart, the solution can secure up to 1.7 petabytes of data at up to 184 TB per hour - about three times faster and with twice the capacity of the next competitor (13).

75 percent less capacity required

The new HPE Get Thinner warranty program offers a free assessment of the work required and a written assurance of up to 75 percent capacity savings (14), making it easier to switch from conventional storage environments to all-flash HPE 3PAR systems.

The program, which has recently included the savings from 3PAR Thin Deduplication, uses specialized big data analysis tools to calculate the total savings potential of migrating to 3PAR all-flash storage solutions. The program then uses these results to calculate a personalized, written guarantee of savings for the customer.

With this program, HPE provides the most robust assurance of capacity reductions on the market - underpinned by a binding, written contract (15). No other professional services are required to use the tool. The fastest ASIC-based migration tool on the market, HPE 3PAR Online Import, makes it easier for HPE customers and partners to switch from other systems. Pricing

and Availability (16)

- HPE 3PAR 20840 storage is now available worldwide with support for 1,920 drives (up to 1,024 SSDs) and 15PB of usable storage at a U.S. retail price of $ 147,000. Support for 2,304 drives (up to 1,152 SSDs) and 21PB of usable storage will be available from the second half of 2016.

- The 8TB 7.2K Nearline SAS drive will be available worldwide starting March 29 at a U.S. retail price of $ 1,705.

- The new HPE 3PAR Get Thinner warranty program is now available worldwide when you purchase 3PAR 8000 and 20000 storage systems.

- The new StoreOnce 5500 will be available worldwide starting March 31, 2016, at a U.S. retail price of $ 35,100.

- The new StoreOnce 6600 will be available worldwide starting March 31, 2016, at a U.S. retail price of $ 75,000.

(1) “The IT Benefits of an All-Flash Data Center” by David Floyer, Wikibon, March 23, 2015

(2) Based on the annual growth in storage sales from six providers. IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker from Q413 to Q315.

(3) Based on an HPE analysis from publicly available data in March 2016.

(4) Based on SPC-2 results for 20840, available at: http://www.storageperformance.org/benchmark_results_files/SPC-2/HPE /B00077_HPE_3PAR-StoreServ-20840/b00077_HPE-3PAR_StoreServ-20840_SPC-2_executive-summary.pdf

(5) Based on an HPE analysis from publicly available data in March 2016. StoreOnce 6600 has a maximum backup speed of 184TB / hour and a scalability Up to 1728TB usable capacity compared to EMC Data Domain 9500 (which EMC currently positions as the fastest and most scalable backup system in the industry) and has a maximum backup speed of 58.7TB / hour and a maximum scalability of 864TB usable memory.http://www.emc.com/collateral/specification-sheet/h11340-datadomain-ss.pdf

(6) Maximum supported capacity for 8TB drives from the second half of 2016.

(7) Based on SPC-2 results, available at: http://www.storageperformance.org/benchmark_results_files/SPC-2/HPE/B00077_HPE_3PAR-StoreServ-20840/b00077_HPE-3PAR_StoreServ-20840_SPC-2_executive-summary.pdf

(8) Compared to EMC VMAX 400K with 12 PB ( 90% HDDs and 10% SSDs).

(9) Supported capacity of HPE File Persona 512TB for systems with eight control nodes, as of February 2016.

(10) Based on an internal HP test in November 2014.

(11) Based on HPE analysis from publicly available data. StoreOnce 5500 with Catalyst can back up data up to 37.7TB / hour, while Data Domain 7200 with Data Domain Boost can only back up data up to 28.3TB / hour. StoreOnce 5500 can be expanded to 864TB usable capacity, while Data Domain 7200 can be expanded to 428TB usable capacity. Data domain information is available here: http://www.emc.com/collateral/specification-sheet/h11340-datadomain-ss.pdf

(12) Based on an HPE analysis from publicly available data in March 2016.

( 13) Based on internal testing and an HPE analysis from publicly available data on EMC Data Domain 9500.

(14) Terms and Conditions of the Get-Thinner Guarantee Program .

(15) Based on an HPE analysis from publicly available data.

(16) Estimated US trade prices. Actual prices may vary.

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