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Hewlett Packard Enterprise bietet einen schnellen und sicheren Weg zum All-Flash-Rechenzentrum

New 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash solutions and StoreOnce security open the way to modernize the data center

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today new 3PAR storage solutions announced , that accelerate the transition to all-flash data center. HPE has also integrated 3PAR StoreServ with new StoreOnce and StoreEver product lines. This ensures that data backup and storage meets application requirements.

Trends such as IT-as-a-Service and analytics are leading to an increased use of flash memories. Companies that use flash memory not only achieve higher speeds, they also save up to 85 percent of the space in their data center. (1) According to the IDC, more and more flash platforms are offering corporate data services such as snapshots, cloning, encryption, replication and quality of service. (2) HPE 3PAR StoreServ offers all of these services and has a recently upgraded Flash portfolio that offers industry-leading scalability (3) and performance (4) and is available from $ 19,000. (5) The new solutions help Users of traditional storage systems can switch to flash faster and minimize risks.

Faster transition to the all-flash data center

With 3PAR StoreServ Storage, companies can accelerate the transformation to an all-flash data center by accommodating new and different types of media in the same array. This enables high performance and maximum flexibility to be achieved. Earlier this month, the Storage Performance Council released a new SPC2 world record for the 3PAR StoreServ 20850 all-flash array. It performs better for half the price of the EMC VMAX 400K. (6)

To build on this success, HPE presents the new 3PAR products, solutions and services:

3PAR Flash Acceleration for Oracle increases database performance by up to 75 percent (7), whereby existing systems such as EMC VMAX can remain in use. Using these flash arrays costs half as much as upgrading your existing storage system.

3PAR Online Import Software is a free 12-month license for customers who want to remove hard drive storage. Customers can migrate storage systems from EMC, HDS and now IBM XIV in just five easy steps.

Support for 3D NAND drives: Support for this new SSD hard drive technology allows customers to increase application performance with low, incremental investments.

Reduce costs with flash-enabled unified storage systems and next-generation Active Archives

In contrast to pure flash systems for individual media types or SAN protocols, StoreServ Storage is characterized by a flash-optimized design, whereby file and block storage as well as secondary hard drives are supported. Based on this architecture, HPE developed the 3PAR StoreServ 8200 Converged File and Block Starter Kit. This product enables consolidation on a single, unified system that costs 26 percent less than competitive products. (9) HPE also introduced 3PAR reference architectures for virtual desktop infrastructure, sharepoint environments, and HPE software solutions for information management.

In addition, HPE offers a completely redesigned portfolio of StoreEver LTO-7 media, drives and automated storage libraries. This renewed product range offers customers affordable and reliable data storage solutions with twice the capacity and almost twice the performance compared to previous generations of LTO technology. (10) In addition, there is a hundred times better reliability. (11) The combination of 3PAR StoreServ flash arrays with the new StoreEver tape solutions enables customers to use a “tape-as-NAS” solution. This enables them to access data in mass archives on tape as easily and quickly as if they were stored on a hard disk, which is ideal for unlocking an active archive.

Risk mitigation with Flash and app-integrated data protection

HPE has also announced new solutions for customers to switch to integrated flash array backup. This includes a completely new range of HPE StoreOnce systems in the entry-level and mid-range range. These new StoreOnce models offer up to 2.7 times the performance (12) and up to twice the density of the competition (13) and cost less than $ 0.05 per usable gigabyte (GB) of logical capacity (14) , They also support native integration with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Veeam, and Veritas applications to improve performance, reduce network bandwidth and eliminate the need for dedicated backup management.

For customers who want to build an all-flash data center, the new StoreOnce models include the application-integrated snapshot relief capacities from 3PAR StoreServ through the StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software .Since it is already integrated with VMware, the RMC software enables the quick creation and movement of Microsoft SQL snapshots directly from the 3PAR array to any StoreOnce backup target using the unique HPE Express Protect technology. Through a close connection to the management of VMware vCenter and Microsoft SQL Studio, users can move data to a secondary storage level and thus reduce risks. Costs decrease because no licenses for dedicated backup software are required. Flexibility is also improved as backup and restore are accelerated.

Pricing and Availability (15)

- 3D NAND SSDs will be available worldwide beginning December 17, 2015 at a U.S. retail price of $ 2,075 per drive and 400GB capacity.

- 3PAR Online Import Support for IBM XIV with 3PAR OS 3.2.2 MU2 will be available from January 2016.

- The 3PAR StoreServ 8200 Converged File and Block Starter Kit with eight 10K 600 GB SAS drives, twelve 2-TB 7.2K SAS drives, OS Suite, Replication Suite, three years of 24/7 Proactive Care Support and a 16- TB File Persona license will be available worldwide as of December 7, 2015 at a U.S. retail price of $ 36,201.

- StoreEver LTO-7 tape media, drives and automation products will be available worldwide for an internal tape drive from December 1, 2015 at a U.S. retail price of $ 4,831.

- The HPE StoreOnce 3100 with 8TB gross backup capacity will be available worldwide starting December 14, 2015 at a U.S. retail price starting at $ 5,931.25.

- The StoreOnce 3520 with at least 12 TB gross is available at a US retail price starting at $ 8,128.55.

- The StoreOnce 3540 with at least 24 TB gross is available at a US retail price starting at $ 10,950.

- The StoreOnce 5100 with at least 48 TB gross is available at a US retail price starting at $ 25,056.

- Version 2.0 of the StoreOnce RMC software, which enables native data transfer from 3PAR to StoreOnce backup for data protection, will be available worldwide from January 15, 2016 at a US retail price of $ 540.



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(15) Estimated US retail price, actual price may vary.


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