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Hewlett Packard Enterprise liefert Docker-Lösungen für das Rechenzentrum und die Cloud

At DockerCon Europe, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today presents new solutions for the Docker ecosystem.

“Containers are changing the way applications are developed and managed. They bridge the gap between IT and developers and help companies and government agencies advance innovation faster, ”said Martin Fink, HPE's Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "Hewlett Packard Enterprise expands Docker's capabilities with a comprehensive portfolio of business solutions that help our customers develop, test, and operate Docker environments."

Businesses need simple solutions that enable fast, high quality development, testing, and management of applications. Docker technology has spread rapidly in development, DevOps and IT operations as it supports agile development practices in a new way. To implement this new process, companies need a hybrid infrastructure with which they can continuously and quickly provide inexpensive new applications and services.

At DockerCon, HPE is presenting a technology portfolio that helps companies use Docker to implement the transformation to a hybrid infrastructure. These include the following solutions:

- The HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0 supports Docker. Developers and operational managers can use it to develop applications as independent services - so-called micro services - which they bundle as Docker containers. The HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0 also includes the Helion Code Engine. It is a tool for continuous integration and continuous deployment to automate the development, test and application workflow. The tool is directly integrated into a Git repository through a Docker Trusted Registry and the Helion Development Platform.

- HPE StormRunner and HPE AppPulse for Docker enable developers and operational managers to reliably test, use and monitor Docker applications. Using HPE tools for load testing and performance monitoring, application lifecycle management for apps and micro-services can be implemented in container form, with complete transaction control over containerized and traditional back-end systems as well as load tests in the cloud.

- With HPE Sitescope, companies can manage and monitor Docker Swarm Clusters. HPE Sitescope is an agentless software solution for monitoring applications. It uses a Docker Swarm address to automatically create a cluster plan and checks all five cluster levels: Docker Swarm, cluster nodes, Docker daemon, operated containers and workload-specific monitoring.

- HPE Codar for Docker enables continuous deployment of hybrid, partly traditional and partly containerized workloads at the push of a button. With HPE Codar, Docker files and image formats are integrated in the visual application designer.

- The Docker Machine Plugin for HPE Composable Infrastructure automates the use of Docker container hosts from HPE OneView. This enables IT and DevOps to quickly deploy infrastructure for Docker environments directly on the hardware. The plugin uses the Composable Infrastructure API interface from HPE OneView.

- The flash-optimized storage systems HPE 3PAR StoreServ and the software-defined storage systems HPE StoreVirtual Storage support the use of Docker containers in OpenStack environments using the Flocker architecture from ClusterHQ. This allows Docker users to containerize applications that need permanent storage, such as databases.

- HPE provides support for contrainer environments with access to a global network of specialists around the clock.

- A Docker reference architecture provides best practices and pointers on how Docker can be used in Converged Architecture 700 with Helion CloudSystem 9.0 to improve performance, scalability and management in large hybrid clouds.

- The Docker Reference Guide provides pointers based on an internal HPE Docker implementation that improve the process of software development and software introduction based on HPE BladeSystem.

"Today's developers need a new model that they can use to develop, deploy, and operate distributed applications for which existing infrastructures were not made," said Nick Stinemates, Head of Business Development and Technical Alliances at Docker. “Docker enables the porting of applications by standardizing the installation of applications on any infrastructure, be it in your own data center or in the cloud. Docker and Hewlett Packard Enterprise will work together to advance the next generation of enterprise applications that make businesses truly agile. ”


Docker solutions, including advice and services from HPE, are now available.

Further information about the extensions of the Helion Development Platform 2.0 can be found on the blog " Grounded in the Cloud ". The blog post “ Converged Data Infrastructure ” provides further information on the Docker Machine Plugin of the HPE Composable Infrastructure and the Docker reference architecture.

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