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Mit Technologie die Ozeane schützen

The article was  originally published by Inspiring Progress  .

 With the release of a new web-based tool, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), TRAFFIC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are helping to combat illegal fishing and protect the oceans.


The data analysis tool DETECT-IT helps customs authorities, investigators and companies to track global fish trade in order to identify suspected illegally caught and distributed fish products. The tool detects deviations in the reported trade between countries and warns of suspicious transactions. 

"Illegal fishing damages the ecosystems, societies and the economy enormously," explains  Michele Kuruc , Vice President of Ocean Policy at WWF, "DETECT-IT is a new tool in the global fight against criminals who plague our seas to enrich themselves . "

In the past, trading data had to be evaluated manually. The search for deviations was slow and time-consuming. DETECT-IT speeds up this process considerably because millions of data can be evaluated in a few seconds .

"DETECT-IT demonstrates the special potential of technology to solve highly complex challenges," said Christopher Wellise, Chief Sustainability Officer at HPE. "We are proud to work with WWF to provide a digital solution that protects our oceans and the livelihood of millions of people around the world."



Estimates have shown that more than 30 percent of the fish traded were caught illegally. This results in annual damage of more than 30 billion euros. Illegal fishing destroys ecosystems, causes overfishing, threatens food supplies and has been linked to violations of human rights.

"We start with fish, but this is just the beginning," says Kuruc, "Once DETECT-IT has been tested and refined, the technology can be used to check other natural resources such as precious woods and wildlife." 

DETECT-IT was developed by HPE with the support of programmers from  Topcoder  and  DXC Technology as part of the  Living Progress Challenge  .

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