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HPE Pointnext Services for digital transformation

It’s always good to have an expert guide you through unknown terrain, and digital transformation is no different. HPE’s Pointnext Services offer expert advice on cloud, AI and edge, offering training for your workforce and advising on the best tools for your organisation. Strategy and planning are the biggest focus areas, but the details may vary, depending on the organisation. HPE Pointnext’s experts will help you identify exactly what you need, and how to get there.

Digital transformation is a journey, which requires you to maintain an optimal IT environment, suitable for your workforce, efficient and an effective use of your resources. This past year has seen an acceleration in evolving IT infrastructure, with organisations shifting their position to allow a remote workforce to remain productive. With this now in place, what’s next? How do we strategise and plan for the next step, to take our organisation even further in optimising our digital environment?

Cloud First

‘Cloud First’ is a common approach among organisations wanting to evolve their business. This is the mindset that all applications and data will move to the cloud unless there is a compelling reason for it to stay on-premises. A cloud-first vision requires guidance and expertise to ensure the right mix of service delivery. HPE Pointnext Services bring that expertise to customers in South Africa, with global experience across all industries to you assist with your Digital and Cloud Transformation journeys.

Why Cloud-First?

The cloud has changed how we consume and operate IT. ‘Cloud’ is a familiar term, but each organisation will have their own unique cloud solution, using:

  • public cloud (services owned by a third party delivered as-a-Service),
  • private cloud (services located in a data centre operated by your organisation),
  • hybrid cloud (combining private cloud with one or more public cloud services), or
  • multi cloud (multiple cloud services from different providers).

Cloud technology is agile, and the right mix of cloud services will yield dramatic benefits to your organisation. At HPE we don’t have favourites. We are cloud-agnostic, helping build a bespoke cloud strategy that suits each organisation and aligns with their needs, rather than trying to sell a specific brand. Following agile methodologies, our team of experts will assist in the five phases of your transformation, helping build a solution that ensures your organisation is prepared for the future:

  1. Analyse and Plan
  2. Build
  3. Migrate
  4. Operate
  5. Optimise

HPE Pointnext Services

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, HPE Pointnext Services can assist. We take a data-driven, application-centric approach to identify the right mix of cloud services alongside traditional IT solutions to ensure cost efficiency, agility, acceleration of goals and an opportunity for increased innovation, in line with your business objectives. We focus on creating a solid strategy, bespoke to your organisation, to design a cloud solution that is fit for purpose and future-proof.

What’s the next step?

To find out more about how HPE Pointnext Services can help you, contact corli@hpe.com.

Corli Botha
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Corli leads the Account Services organisation in South Africa for PointNext Services, with years of experience in Process, People and Technology integration. She is passionate about business strategy and innovation for Transformation led initiatives.

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