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5G : Do you want that slice to go?

Super-fast data transfer, ultra low latency, and high bandwidth don't seem to justify the astronomical cost of implementing 5G, especially when consumers aren't willing to pay for it!

Single use cases, exciting as they may be, don't justify the means. But could 5G as an enabler of other tech be the real value we're seeking?

Today, in part two of our 5G extravaganza, host Michael Bird is joined by HPE Chief Technologists Chris Dando and Matt Armstrong-Barnes. We discover what happens when testbeds and trials go big with 5G RuralDorset, Hewlett Packard Labs' Puneet Sharma offers up a slice of networking futurism, and Nokia's Leslie Shannon explains why our 5G devices are getting edgier by the second.

More than just an antenna: stacking rural 5G use cases

As we discovered in our first episode, on its own a single use case doesn't really cut the mustard. However, 5G as an enabler has the power to unlock more than just faster download speeds.

We speak to Colin Wood, Programme Manager Dorset Council, and Dave Happy, Chair of the UK Telecommunications Data Task Force, about their innovative range of use cases for the 5G RuralDorset project. Connected coasts, the future of food, weird and wonderful IoT, they've got the lot. And, perhaps most importantly, a transformational vision that brings every part of the Dorset community along with it.

A slice of the action: adventurous new network architectures

The future network is about one thing only: experience. For Hewlett Packard Labs' Puneet Sharma, that means network-slicing, seamless integration between 5G and WiFi-6, and taking tips from the Spice Girls.

Nokia's Leslie Shannon explains how 'splitting the chip' will bring about new waves of futuristic devices, from lightweight drones to augmented reality headwear. Plus, HPE's Matt-Armstrong Barnes sheds light on how edge processing and the desegregation of services could unlock the real value of 5G connectivity.

Connectivity, mobility, and enabling innovation

Our deep dive into 5G brings us to a number of conclusions. The demand for super-fast data transfer is only going to increase, which will come in handy for the increasing numbers of sophisticated devices. Network architectures are going to be reimagined, and experiments in edge computing are bringing us every closer to that seamless experience.

When all's said and done, as HPE Chief Technologist Chris Dando puts it: "When telecommunications providers say they're going to do something then they do do it. It takes time, it takes a massive amount of investment, but it does come... and it delivers massive change."

Key takeaways:

  • 5G is about a seamless experience, driven by advances in the converged of wireless and wired networks and intent-based networking.
  • Stacking use cases unlocks value, allowing projects such as 5G RuralDorset to deliver benefits for communities that goes way beyond connectivity.
  • Change is coming, so instead of worrying too much about the what, the where, and the how of 5G, let's start getting those futuristic use cases off the ground!

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