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Edge - Are we there yet? // Technology Untangled, Episode 6

Much like it's namesake, the lead guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist of U2, the Edge is a hot IT topic that's as profuse as it is perplexing.

This week, Michael Bird and a team of guests untangle the Edge, from advances in networking and the IoT, to mobility and 5G. Simon Wilson hits us with the history of the Edge, and details how organisations can capture its potential now, and next. Jon Rennie from Sainsbury's explains how Edge infrastructure helped them adapt to the challenges of 2020, and how to have good, clean, GDPR approved fun with Edge customer data.

Plus, international network security expert Jon Green talks us through top vulnerabilities and network risks and how you can build a robust Edge strategy that won't crack under pressure.

Where the Edge is and how to get a grip on it

The Edge is a particularly slippery concept to pin down because most of the time it moves with us! Simon Wilson tracks the Edge's location over the past 80s years and explains why, in the contemporary world of Edge computing, the question isn't so much 'where' but 'how'.

We discuss how organisations can extend their business with device mobility, how WiFi 6 and 5G will change our working lives, and how the traditional data centre and the hybrid cloud will fit into our Edge-y future.

How smart supermarkets are delivering the ultimate customer experience

Edge is a hot topic at the moment because of its great potential for both efficiency and experience. Use cases are being explored in all kinds of industries - from industry and healthcare to retail, and even space!

We speak to Jon Rennie from Sainsburys, whose investments in Edge networking have seen them not only survive but thrive during the fast-changing retail environment of 2020. We explore the power of data collected at the edge to deliver the ultimate XP with real-time analytics, energy-efficiency, and personalised experiences.

What organisations need to know about the Edge's extended attack surface

The boom of devices at the Edge has lead to what is known as an extended attack surface, so how are organisations supposed to build a robust network built for the ever changing Edge?

We hear top tips from Jon Green, Aruba's Chief Technologist for Security, who explains the danger of nefarious devices walking in through the front door, how to strategise effectively for copious IoT devices, and why we'll need to sharpen our wits when 5G goes mainstream.

Key takeaways:

  • We don't necessarily care where compute happens. The continues to swing, and whether you process data on the Edge or in the data centre depends wholly on your use case.
  • 5G is coming, and we better get ready. The new connectivity offered by 5G will catapult our Edge networks into the future, but organisations will need to keep their eyes on their devices to be able to protect themselves from attack.
  • The Edge will continue to grow thanks to the IoT, the proliferation of personal devices, and the need for employees to access networks from remote locations. Network and security need to be front of mind to future-proof implementation decisions.


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