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IoT: Is this the fourth industrial revolution? // Technology Untangled, Episode 7

An infinite number of devices, sprawling networks, and an astronomical amount of data: the Internet of Things is set to change the way we live and work forever! From agritech to deep space communications, and... fitness collars for dogs?

This episode, we break down the tech industry's buzziest words to discover what the IoT actually is (and what it isn't) and when it will become actually useful!

Ian Henderson gives us the lowdown on industry 4.0 and how you can avoid pesky proof-of-concept purgatory. Chris Roberts from Goonhilly Earth Station talks telemetry and deep space antenna and how Edge use cases could change the environmental impact of global shipping. Plus, Nitu Kaushal lays down how new technologies like 5G and WAN Narrowband IoT are transforming industries, and how organisations of any size can get in on the action.

Does connectivity equal good? Why Things are not what they seem

Smart devices have come a long way, but some consumer Things just aren't what they're cracked up to be! It's not a simple case of "connectivity equals good", to make the most of the IoT we really need to get up close and personal with data.

Ian Henderson explains why having a sensor does not a smart device make, and what closed-loop data management means for the future of our industries.

IoT everywhere: from deep space to the agritech revolution

The IoT is spitting out exciting use cases left, right and centre. With the possibilities of processing at the Edge and the bombastic number of Things being created every year, there's not a single industry that isn't exploring the IoT in some way.

Chris Roberts from Goonhilly explains how insights gleaned from the Goonhilly Earth Station can be used to improve global shipping, assess coastal erosion, and even save you a few quid on your insurance. Nitu Kaushal explains how agritech trendsetters are using the IoT, AI, and drones to revolutionise agriculture. Plus, we look at how the IoT can employ the data we've been collecting for years for new capabilities in a post-COVID world.

Proof-of-concept purgatory: how you can reach your nirvana

As with any new innovation, the proof is in the pudding but a lot of organisations have trouble getting their use cases over the line. Ian Henderson explains best practices for project management, including working in sprints, testing, and extrapolating your projects. Plus, we give you a roadmap for making your IoT nirvana a reality.

Plus Nitu explains how service providers can play a part in helping smaller organisations get in on the action, and why 5G can't come soon enough!

Key takeaways:

  • Just because it seems smart, doesn't mean it's useful. The value of a connected device is related to the reliability of the data it produces and the we insights derive from it.
  • Data is useless if you don't know how to share. Organisations will need to revisit the way they are structure to avoid siloed information, teams doubling up on work, and the transparency oversights that seriously cramp the IoT's style.
  • Your workforce expects the IoT experience. The IoT drives experiences and better insights on your customers and employees can be the cornerstone of your digital transformation. The IoT is here to stay, and the XP it provides will be expected by your workforce.


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