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Nimble Storage dHCI Technical Webinar Series: The future will belong to those who build it.

Resilience, agility and inventiveness. These are the words I’m hearing again and again as CIOs take up the challenge of becoming visionaries who embrace next-generation technology to restore and reinvent the enterprise.

The coronavirus has hit all economies hard, but what matters now is what comes next—how businesses step into the breach, using intelligent technologies to power into the future. It’s going to take a new kind of IT leader: the bold, future-focussed innovator Deloitte calls the kinetic leader.

New waves of digital transformation will need new, more flexible tools—including the new evolution of HCI that we at HPE are calling HCI 2.0. A flexible platform with truly independent scaling of compute and storage, it overcomes the limitations and drawbacks of first-generation HCI and adds next-level power to a virtualised environment. 

HCI 2.0 is built on several key innovations:

  • By disaggregating compute and storage resources, it is now possible to scale each independently, maximising resource efficiency.
  • Shared storage that eliminates network traffic across nodes means low-latency performance with fewer bottlenecks.
  • Absolute resilience with 99.9999% availability and unique ability to tolerate up to three simultaneous drive failures.
  • Always-on data reduction eliminates tuning and improves performance, while keeping storage dense – HPE’s solution can store more data per raw terabyte than any other platform.
  • Business continuity is assured through advanced replication for multi-site disaster recovery.
  • It’s compatible with hybrid cloud.
  • HPE InfoSight monitoring tools use artificial intelligence to predict and prevent disruptions and provide cross-stack analytics that improve application performance and optimise resource use.
  • The simplicity  of HCI and the flexibility of a three-tier architecture are combined with intelligence. This means organisations can enjoy the benefits of cloud-like architectures without any compromise on performance, availability, or scale.
But don't just take my blog for it; over summer 2020 the brightest minds in the technical organisation at HPE UK created a series of technical webinars - covering different aspects of dHCI from installation (both new and re-using the Proliants you have), as well as multi-cloud data mobility, intelligent upgrades and VMware vVols. You'll find the recordings of each session on-demand, below

Session 1: A Brief Technical Intro to Nimble dHCI

Session 2: Transform your Proliant Servers with Nimble dHCI

Session 3: Achieving True Hybrid Cloud with Nimble dHCI

Session 4: Intelligent 1-Click Upgrades

Session 5: Demystifying Containers & Kubernetes with Nimble dHCI

Session 6: Protection From Downtime & Data Loss with Nimble dHCI & Veeam

Session 7: Nimble dHCI & VMware vVols: Stop Managing Storage, Start Managing Apps

I hope you enjoy these sessions & the demos contained in each of them. If you have any thoughts or comments - i'd love to hear from you in the comments box below!

Best regards,

Nick Dyer
HPE Storage Global Field CTO & Technologist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Nick Dyer
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